Pull screws (Packet of 20)

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This pack of 5 of each of the pull screws will refill your toolbox.

When used with the DSS plug puller, or other suitable device, these exceptional strong screws will self-drill and tap themselves into the target lock.

  • 5 off 4.2mm
  • 5 off 4.8mm
  • 5 off 5.5mm
  • 5 off 6.0mm (New!)

Note that this line-up has changed – you now get the biggest heaviest pullscrew, which replaces the old thinnest pullscrew. This should cut the number of broken screws, as the thinnest screw wasn’t nearly as strong as the next size up (16% smaller CSA), and also allow the pulling of dimple locks and higher security “pull resistant” locks with the massive 6mm screw, which has a breaking load of some 15 tonnes! (And yes, this is why the price has gone up. You are getting a lot more pulling power for your money!)

Ignore the white tipped screws in the picture, and imagine far stronger blue tipped screws there instead.

Uses Torx 20 driver.

Don’t use an impact or hammer drive! A bit of lube helps a lot. Use a low torque setting and a high drill speed – the screw should cut fairly freely into the lock, not be forced, so spin it in and if it jams reverse and cut it again.

Pro-Tip: Use a bit of thin wire to lift the pins up out the way before driving the screw in. A squirt of lube will reduce screw breakage.


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