Infinitely adjustable EPG tension tool

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This is a new design of EPG tension tool. Uses a very resilient, springy multistrand stainless steel wire which you can bend repeatedly to whatever shape you need for the door at hand. Works great for hard-to-reach locks.

The springy wire is designed so that you can push the lock fairly hard, and the spring means that you are less likely to accidentally re-lock the cylinder, saving you time and effort, especially on those tougher locks.

Tough PU rubber grip and stainless steel mean it will last for years.

(Various colours available – random selection, but ask if you want something specific)


  • Helps prevent accidental re-locking of the cylinder when picking
  • Tough stainless steel & PU rubber construction
  • Unbreakable (compared to a dental pick or piano wire)
  • Bends back
  • Waterproof
  • Won’t snap and leave a bit of wire stuck in the lock!


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