Glazing shovel / Spreader plate for uPVC opening

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This item was designed by one of the uPVC industries leading lights, and is fabricated in England.

Simple to use, it will get you into places and out of trouble. The filleting adds massive strength to the subtly curved plate, the T handle ensures it is easily wielded, and the low friction powder coating makes it easy to slip into gaps (and won’t transfer like paint would!)

This is available with the standard 2mm or the jumbo 5mm plate. Other thicknesses available as special orders. Plate size is approx 6.5” wide by 3” deep. Other sizes available as special orders.

Tips for use:

  • Get a bit of pressure on the door and find the cam roller. For a failed mech, this is your best target. Once you’ve unlocked the door via the cylinder, go for the plate and find that cam.
  • The bottom cams move up towards the handle, and the top cams move downwards towards the handle. These move the rest of the boltwork when moved in the right direction.
  • Once you’ve got your tool on the cam, slacken the pressure on the door right off. Hookbolts are designed to not slip or move under a jemmying load, so they will be jammed solid by the pressure of the plate. Once you ease that off, you’ll have a far better chance of shifting the mech to unlock.
  • If it is just the latch holding the door closed, then it’s under 5 seconds. Drop the plate in about where the handle is, and pull to open. Generally the door just pops instantly. If not, hit it with your palm once the plate is fully pulled back. (Consider that the latch might also have a locking tongue on some weird old strips that allow locking with throwing the boltwork! You’ll still get it open, it will just require a bigger gap. Perhaps swap in the 5mm plate)
  • If you are just popping it open, start at the bottom and work your way up to the handle, then work down from the top. A 4 roller strip will take seconds, 4 + a tongue will take a minute, and so on.
  • A locked mech is obviously far harder to reset or open than an unlocked mech!

Videos coming soon!


  • High strength design
  • Filleted plate for extra strength
  • Long handle reduces effort
  • T handle for hanging and easy grip
  • Helps avoid compression damage
  • Made in Wolverhampton



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