Battering ram – an enforcer style tool

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This is an “Enforcer” style battering ram, designed to splinter wood and shatter even tough doors and frames.

Solid steel, fully seam welded, and with a large hardened steel front plate, it will take a lot of abuse.

The weight is adjustable to order between 12Kg and 20Kg, and also can have a “slam hammer” effect added, for that extra impact!

The front plate is bullet resistant hardened steel (genuine armour plate!),  the main body is heavy duty 5mm mild steel, and the finish is yours to choose. (Standard black epoxy powder coating will be used if you don’t specify.)


  • 12Kg up to 20Kg available (please contact us to discuss your specific requirement)
  • Solid steel
  • Front hand guard to protect fingers
  • Wide grips for large hands and gloved use
  • “Slam hammer” effect available
  • Large front plate to prevent “punch through” on thinner target doors
  • Square front plate prevents rolling

Made in Wolverhampton.


The one pictured is currently available, and weighs 18.5Kgs.

Any design you prefer is possible, even 2 man versions. Please contact us via email with your exact requirement if you can’t find it on the site.

If product is marked “not in stock” please allow 7-10 days for delivery.


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